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Mikey is at work on a fictional docu-novel about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, tentatively titled Not so Dreadful Here. In it, he intertwines fictional characters with the true series of events, basing his research equally in federal and media documentation and his own experiences as a survivor of the bombings.

Mikey is also intrigued by radical forms of creative nonfiction. He is sketching two long-form narratives that trace his experiences as a terrorism survivor, a disabled writer, and a nonconforming human. In these works, he examines the shifting of definitions, the evolution of language, and the interstices in communication that arise in the aftermath of trauma.

A token of remembrance at the site of the second explosion on Boylston. The flag bears Martin's words: "No more hurting people. Peace."

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Mikey (center) and his friends, Barrett (left) and Jay (right),
at the Dear World photoshoot for Boston Marathon bombing survivors

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